Architectural Professionalism & High Quality/Innovative Results

Hello World!!

My name is James O’Brien and I am in the Architectural, Design and Building industry as a full time professional.

As well as running my Architectural business I also design, manufacture and sell my own furniture that is inspired by free flowing form with a twist.  “Click here to read more”.

I have always had a soft spot for beautiful looking buildings, form and objects that serve a useful purpose and J.O Arch Services is an extension of this passion.

My blog will be of interest to people wanting to engage my services, professionals in the industry, up and coming students and anybody with a passion for original and inspiring content.

I will go into the world of J.O Arch Services from many different angles. Covering and expanding on existing ideas as well as looking at things from a fresh perspective based around; current projects, cutting edge design, creation processes, construction & manufacturing, collaborations, brand building…and many  more topics, interest and information that will evolve along with this blog.

Looking forward to sharing and expanding my journey with you all




James O’Brien